Bilateral Giant Renal Angiomyolipoma in a Patient with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: A Case Report

Andika Afriansyah, Abdul M Yusuf, Harry Nusaly


Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) has several renal manifestations including angiomyolipomas (AML) and renal epithelial neoplasms. A bilateral giant renal AML is extremely rare. We report a case of giant bilateral AML and discuss the diagnosis and treatment of it. The 22-year-old man was admitted due to bilateral flank pain, gross hematuria, and abdominal fullness. He had history of epilepsy, mental retardation, and delayed development during childhood. He had angiofibroma on his face since 10 years ago. Abdominal CT and MRI revealed large lobulated heterogeneous mass with fatty content. Based on those findings, we diagnosed the patient with bilateral giant renal AML. We gave conservative management for the patient and planned to total nephrectomy on the left kidney if the continued bleeding occurred. AML associated with TSC occur more frequently as multiple lesions and grows to larger size than idiopathic AML. Bilateral giant AML, which is very rare, could be treated with conservative management if no significant hemorrhage occurred.


angiomyolipoma; tuberous sclerosis complex; conservative management


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