Successful Treatment Bilateral Panuveitis with Multiple Systemic Infection in HIV/AIDS Patient: A Case Report

Made Susiyanti, Indra Maharddhika Pambudy


There is an increasing number of HIV/AIDS patients in Indonesia, starting from <0.1% in 2010 to 0.4% in 2012, which warrants awareness of ocular manifestation in HIV. This might appear in 70-100% of patients with HIV. A 47 years old man came to the infection and immunology clinic with blurry vision on both eyes. He had been treated before but there was no clinical improvement. Examination showed both eyes had vitreous haziness. Visual acuity was 1/60 in both eyes with appearance of flare and cells within +3. Uveitis workup showed positive results for HIV, HSV and syphilis. Patient was given 100 mg of doxyciclin two times daily and fixed dose tablet which contains the combination of antiretroviral. Three months later, final acuity was 6/10 on the right eye and 6/18 on the left eye. Prompt diagnosis and treatment warrant good prognosis including multidisciplinary approach by ophthalmologist, clinical allergist and immunologist, and dermato-venerologist.


HIV/AIDS; syphillis; ocular manifestation in HIV; bilateral panuveitis


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