Are We Giving Optimal Dose of Efavirenz?

Evy Yunihastuti


Antiretroviral is one of the drugs that
extensively been studied for its drug-to- drug
interaction. Its long term used and the fact that
many HIV-infected patients came in the late stage
of disease make polypharmacy is unavoidable.
Efavirenz is one of antiretroviral drugs that
widely used in HIV-infected patients age more
than 3 years old in many countries. Latest
Indonesian antiretroviral guidelines recommend
a combination of tenofovir, lamivudine and
efavirenz given orally in one daily dose as
the  preferred  primary  fixed-drug  combination
treatment. This recommendation is based on
many evidence supporting efficacy, tolerability,
price, pregnancy safety, simplicity and the
availability of the drug that will support the
continuing comprehensive care for HIV-infected
patients in primary care level.

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