Kaposi Sarcoma of the Eye in an HIV Patient Well-responded to HAART

Erni J Nelwan, Laurentius A Pramono, Anna M Lubis, Zubairi Djoerban


Kaposi sarcoma defined as a multifocal lesion in mucocutaneous sites which has low-grade malignant potential. Kaposi sarcoma also commonly found in visceral organs. This malignancy is very popular among elderly men before the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the decade of 1980-1990 Kaposi sarcoma known to be associated with immunodeficiency state as in HIV/AIDS patients. Nowdays, incidence of Kaposi sarcoma has decreased in developed countries in the era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) but still a big problem in resource-limited areas such as Sub- Saharan Africa.

Eye is an unusual location for Kaposi sarcoma. There are not many study published about eye involvement of Kaposi sarcoma. Kaposi sarcoma of the conjunctiva and ocular adnexa has been reported to be strongly associated with HIV/AIDS patients.1 An old case report published Kaposi sarcoma in the eye of HIV negative patient, which stated as a unique case because of his good immunological performance.6 It is reported from the study of HIV/AIDS patients in Argentina that Kaposi sarcoma in the eye found in 0,25% patients.

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